Benefits to Valve Re-Manufacturing

Benefits to Valve Re-Manufacturing

Sep 27

Valve Re-Manufacturing is at the core of the TNG business model.  We have carved out a niche in the industry to offer API Q1 Certified Re-Manufacturing of geothermal valves.  Essentially, we take corroded, damaged, and stuck valves off producing wells and repair them back to “new”, including hydro testing and a TNG warranty.  Re-Manufacturing often includes brand new components including bonnet assemblies, stems and gates. All of which TNG can provide.

What are the three main competitive advantages of re-manufactured valves versus new valves?

  1. Price
  2.  Lead time
  3.  Warranty

Ancillary benefits also include TNG’s ability to install full wellhead assemblies with certified welders on staff.  Furthermore, TNG provides a rigless packer solution that is highly mobile, efficient, and safe to plug a well, perform necessary wellhead/valve surface work, and retrieve the packer, turning the well back over to the operator as quickly 12 to 18 hours later.

Visit us at the GeoExpo+ and GRC Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City – October 1-4 to see our valve work in-person and to learn more.