TNG Invests in New Plasma Welding Capabilities

TNG Invests in New Plasma Welding Capabilities

May 9

TNG Energy Services is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients as possible.  We’ve long been a leader in remanufacturing old, leaking, corroded wellhead equipment back to like-new, tested and certified for our geothermal customers, but we needed to find a way to improve our internal operations and by default enhance our product offering and welding capabilities even further.

We explored several different procedures, techniques, and materials but nothing seemed to be consistent enough, or add incremental (or noticeable) value to our customers.

We then discovered Dura Metal’s Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding machine.  This would enable our Certified Welders to more efficiently, streamline the hardfacing welding process we apply to all our new or re-manufacturing work.  In addition, the PTA allowed us to seamlessly work with Stellite 6, adding this hardfacing to our portfolio of metals, including Stellite 21, Inconel and Tungsten Carbide.

Plasma Weld – Hardfacing

Post Machine Finish

The result… TNG can work on practically any valve, wellhead or ancillary wellhead equipment and meet any customer requirement specific to the unique (corrosive) qualities of their geothermal fluids.

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