New Products and Services / Resources page

New Products and Services / Resources page


Repair. Maintenance. Service. Since 1990

TNG Energy Services offers Geothermal Products and Services for industrial-scale projects

TNG Energy Services provides a full suite of HTHP geothermal products and services, specializing in valves and wellhead to meet all of your industrial geothermal well-site demands. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality equipment coupled with safe and reliable services in all phases of our operations.


3505 Standard Street Bakersfield, CA 93308


Valve & Wellhead Sales, & Brokerage

  • New Manufacture
  • Re-Manufactured
  • Used

New and Re-Manufactured

  • Valves and Wellheads
  • Specialized Trim Packages (Inconel, Stainless, Stellite)
  • Exotic metal welding
  • Pipeline Connection Equipment
  • Post Weld Heat Treating

GWERT™ Online Well Repair

  • GWERT services / Rigless repair
  • Surface casing and Wellhead repair
  • Post weld heat treating
  • Online valve stroking
  • Servicing / inspection of anchor casing
  • Risk rating / evaluating wellheads
  • Implement maintenance program

GWERT™ Offline Wellhead Valve Change Repair

  • Replacement of defective valve parts
  • Replacement of corroded valve parts
  • Torque stud bolts / nuts
  • Milling of valve bore and valve gate for GWERT
  • Milling / Drilling of scale for GWERT
  • Repair corroded or thinned anchor casing
  • Repair defective wellhead equipment