About Us

About Us

About TNG Energy Services – Your Geothermal Industrial Services Company

TNG Energy Services Inc., is a leading geothermal industrial services company focused on wellhead and valve sales, inspection, service and repair. For over 30 years, TNG Energy Services has been committed to excellence through superior customer service, unmatched quality of equipment and the highest safety standards.

TNG Energy Services is the only rigless geothermal wellhead repair company in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering an economic and efficient wellhead repair service that can mobilize anywhere you need us.

As part of our post-sales and field service support, TNG Energy Services provides dedicated technicians who are prepared to travel to the well site at short notice. Our technicians can provide training to Field Maintenance Crews, Steam Field Managers, and repair shops alike as may be required.

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Our Core Values

  • Safety: Is the most important value of all – we pride ourselves on safe work practices in the field, office and at home
  • Integrity: We do the right thing for our people, customers and community
  • Quality: We are committed to delivering quality services no matter the size of the job
  • Precision: From machining to well replacement, our precision is paramount to your success
  • Loyalty: We are loyal to our people, community and customers

Commitment to Safety

As a geothermal industrial services company, TNG Energy Services, Inc. (TNG) has adopted safety management principles in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its employees and the customers it serves, to protect its property, assets, and other resources, and to maintain its reputation and good standing in the community. Our ISN Company ID# is: 400-233894. For more information on ISN, CLICK HERE.

TNG has established the following:

  • A Safety Team comprised of personnel representing both labor and management
  • The implementation of safety processes necessary to assess and monitor potential loss exposures
  • Support risk control and risk financing initiatives recommended by the Safety Team
  • Employee safety practices and training

TNG utilizes a wide range of operational services to provide high-quality products and services to its customers, all of which give rise to some level of risk. TNG is fully committed to regularly addressing these risks to minimize their effect on the health, safety, and welfare of our employees. In this way, TNG will better achieve its goals and enhance the value of the products and services it provides. CLICK HERE to review TNG’s General Safe Code Practices.

The underlying objectives of our Safety Program as a geothermal industrial services company are to accomplish the following :

  • Embed effective safety management practices into the TNG Energy Services, Inc. culture and all of its operations
  • Integrate sound safety management practices into all aspects of production planning and performance management
  • Manage our safety program in accordance with best practices including the adoption of OSHA compliant training programs to fulfill our IIPP as well as customer requirements
  • Anticipate and respond to changing social, environmental, and legislative requirements
  • Make sure that all operating departments have clear accountability for compliance with the safety program and associated Safety Team decisions

Commitment to Quality

TNG Energy Services Inc., provides quality products and services to satisfy all customer expectations and complies with all customer requirements.

Top Management at TNG Energy Services Inc., is committed to comply with the requirements of and to continually improve our Quality Management System.

TNG Energy Services utilizes a process-based Quality Management System in compliance with API 6A License, an International Technical Specification. A process-based QMS uses a process approach to manage and control how its quality policy is implemented and quality objectives are achieved. These process interactions create a single process-based QMS which promotes continual improvement and above all, customer satisfaction.


Meet Our Team

Bryan Greuter

Bryan Greuter


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Greg Perrone

General Manager

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Cimaron Hylton

Lead Machinist, Supervisor