TNG Corporate Overview

TNG Corporate Overview

TNG Energy Services is a leading geothermal service provider focused on wellhead and valve sales, inspection, service and repair. For over 20 years, TNG Energy Services has been committed to excellence through superior customer service, unmatched quality of equipment and the highest safety standards.  We are proud to share our Capabilities Brochure, TNG Corporate Overview Presentation and other company related media below.

As part of our post-sales and field service support, TNG Energy Services provides dedicated technicians who are prepared to travel to the well site at short notice. Our technicians can provide training to Field Maintenance Crews, Steam Field Managers, and repair shops alike as may be required.

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TNG Energy Services operates a Rigless repair service for all wellhead and valve changes. Also known as Team Rigless, TNG uses their Geothermal Wellhead Equipment Repair Tool (GWERT) to provide this safe operation around the world.

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